When you engage a leader on an interim basis,  you are filling a vital role for your business.  You need insight , action and expertise from someone capable of leading, managing, growing and developing successful businesses.

There are four clear stages to an interim partnership;

  • Pre-engagement :: meet to agree objectives, milestones, terms of engagement, levels of responsibility, reporting on activity, measurements of activity and results. Free of charge.

  • Kick off :: meet with all internal stakeholders and colleagues, agree an integration approach, diarise reviews with senior stakeholders, handle any concerns or objections.  One day at agreed charging rate.

  • Engagement :: with regular reviews of progress, using the agreed measures and a risk management reporting approach.  I am also very happy to advise on and execute succession management and handover to a permanent post holder.  Per the agreed charging rate.

  • Post-engagement :: meet to wrap up engagement, review actual performance against agreed targets, consolidate a lessons learned and outstanding risks log, handover all reporting and any other agreed close down activities.  Free of charge.

Short-term contract, long-term impact

Whether my assignment is for 1 month, 3 months or as long as a year, at the end of my tenure I will hand on (maybe even find for you) to the long-term role holder in a straightforward way, leaving you with pre-agreed deliverables and a transition report.

Even in a short engagement I will add value to your business, not just the results of my work on performance, structure or culture, but also in the capability and engagement of the people and teams I coach and mentor, I lead and develop teams and individuals who;

  • Deliver targetted & rapid improvement.

  • Leverage their industry or role-specific expertise.

  • In a hands-on style.

  • Take control immediately – so make an impact immediately.

  • Are fully accountable to you.

  • Have no political baggage.

  • Transact in a transparent and consistent manner.

How I add value

The financial benefits of an interim manager may be gauged solely in terms of the recruitment process: there is no search fee, a simple daily rate, no addition to the fixed payroll and no termination costs.  Whilst these benefits are undoubtedly attractive in themselves, they overlook the significant impact on results that an experienced and successful senior interim executive can bring to any major project, whether through investments in organisations, people or physical assets.

The actual return on investment varies enormously, but as a guide we would say that for every £1 you invest in an interim manager you get between £5 and £21 back.  As an example, based on a £100,000 per annum management position;

  • Four-month delay incurred finding a permanent employee = £70,000 lost contribution.

  • Speed of delivery (depending on project) = £200,000 to £1,000,000 in accelerated results. 

  • Value of impartial advice = £20,000.

  • Value of having someone overqualified in place = £20,000.

  • Cost of interim £900/day over four months = £72,000.

  • Return = between £310,000 and £1,200,000, a ROI = between 5 and 21.

Research shows that, again and again, interim leaders successfully improve business performance, generating many millions of pounds in profit and focussing your investment, generating a return that far outweighs their fee.

Continuing to add value after completion

The impact of my work with you should continue long after I leave.  I will provide a smooth handover at the end of my tenure,  embedding the changes  in your organisation, through developing your managers, instilling new ways of working and leaving colleagues with ongoing development targets.